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Downtown Public Water Opportunity - Materials


Please refer to the following materials (Links) re: Historic Downtown Public Water Opportunity.  

In response to concerns raised by the Historic Downtown property owners, the Village terminated the proposed Special Service Area (SSA) in November 2015.  As noted during the 2015 discussions, the Village has committments requiring the installation of the Archer Road watermain this year.  In an effort to provide the dowtown property owners the opportunity for the lowest costs possible, the Village proceeded with design engineering and bidding for public water system improvements in the following two seperate projects:

(1) Archer Road - Looping Old McHenry Road and Robert Parker Coffin Road:

(2) Historic Downtown - Potential extension of the Archer Road mains into the Historic Downtown.  

By bidding these projects out seperately, the Village Board has the ability to consider approving the Archer Road bid without having to approve the Historic Downtown bid.  The Village Board will be discussing these bids at the upcoming April 12, 2016 Village Board Meeting.  The Village Board is scheduled to award the Archer Road watermain extension but not the Historic Downtwon bids during this meeting.  The Historic Downtown watermain extension bids will be presented and shared with the downtown property owners for consideration.

The bid prices for the Historic Downtown public water extension requires the contractor to honor their bid for 45 days from the date of opening.  The Village Board will not award the Historic Downtown bid unless there is sufficient interest from the majority of the downtown property owners.  If more than 51% of the downtown property owners submit the "Historic Downtown Public Water SSA Petition Form" to the Village by May 10, 2016, then the Village Board will consider awarding the bid for the Historic Downtown watermain extension.  If there is not sufficient interest from the downtown property owners, the Village Board will not proceed with establishing a SSA.  Please note that failure to acquire sufficient interest by this date does not preclude the potential to extending public water into the Historic Downtown when there is sufficient interest from the downtown property owners.

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