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Village of Long Grove Economic Development

Doing Business With Long Grove.

The Village of Long Grove is open for doing business.  The Village is known for it’s Historic Downtown which has been updated to add public water, new streetlights, new curb and gutter, new sidewalks and coming soon the full restoration of the historic bridge and new wooden cover.  Over the past fifteen years the Village of Long Grove has welcomed new and successful businesses, including: Menards (Lake-Cook & IL Route 53), Sunset Foods (IL 83 & Aptakisic), Buffalo Creek Brewing (Historic Downtown).

For further information on the Long Grove Marketplace (Click Here) and for available properties in Long Grove (Click Here).

Long Grove Comprehensive Plan & Downtown Master Plan

The Village recently completed the updates to the Long Grove Comprehensive Plan in 2018 which incorporates updates to the various Subareas, including the Downtown Master Plan.

IL 83 & Downtown Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District

Historic Downtown Long Grove Business District.

Long Grove may be best known for its specialty shops and special dining.  Visitors travel long distances by car and chartered bus to spend a day in our Historic Business District.  Downtown Long Grove contains some 120 businesses.  With few exceptions, all are open seven days a week, all year long.  The success of our turn-of-the-century shopping environment is not just luck.  After World War II, when the Village as we know it today began taking shape, a need to preserve the historic value and flavor of the district was recognized.  As a result, the first historic district in Illinois was created in 1960 by Village ordinance.

Downtown Public Water – Robert Parker Coffin Road & Old McHenry Road.

In order to recoup roughly 1/3 of the cost for the public water system in the Historic Downtown, the Village Board approved amendments to the Village Code: (1) extending the deadline for buildings along Old McHenry Road to connect to public water system from November 2018 to January 31, 2019 and (2) reducing the distance of buildings from the public watermain that have to connect by from 400′ to 80′.  As an option to provide alternative financing for those property owners that are interested, the Village Board also approved an ordinance approving the establishment of a Special Service Area for those buildings that are located within 80′ of the watermain.  The minimum quarterly water rate is $100.

Historic Downtown Economic Development Incentives.

The Village of Long Grove Board of Trustees recently passed an incentive plan for the historic business district.  The programs provide the ability for business and or property owners that make pre-approved program eligible capital improvements to their property / business to be reimbursed for 50% of these expenses with a maximum reimbursement of $ 100,000.  The following documents provides details on these programs that are aimed attracting and maintaining business in the historic downtown.  To learn more about these Village incentives, please contact Village Manager Dave Lothspeich (847-634-9440 or

Long Grove Economic Development Commission.

The Village created an Economic Development Commission in 2018 to bring together talented residents and business owners to design and help implement initiatives that foster vibrant and durable business development throughout the Village.  The Commission meets twice a month.  For further information, please contact Village Manager David Lothspeich via email

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