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february, 2019

2019tue12feb7:00 pmBoard Meeting 021220197:00 pm Event Type :Board of Trustees,Meeting

Meeting Agenda

00 – Board Agenda 02122019



TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2019 AT 7:00 P.M.


The Village Board will not proceed past 10:00 p.m. unless there is a consensus of the majority of the Village Trustees in attendance to do so.  Those wishing to address the Village Board on an agenda item(s) may do so when the agenda item of interest is opened and prior to Board discussion.

CALL TO ORDER:        Pledge Of Allegiance.


Homeowner Associations:

Mardan Estates – Deb Borgeson;

Mardan Lake – Steve Curtis;

Victorian Oaks – Ryan Kaiser.

Lake County Sheriff’s & Fire District’s Reports.


1.       Report Of The Architectural Commission (AC) Meeting – February 11, 2019.

Ø  Replacement Sign Face For Signage For Re/Max Showcase Located At 7159 Illinois Route 83, Piero Orsi.

2.       Consideration Of A Resolution Approving A Grant Agreement With The Lake County Stormwater Management Commission For Chickamauga Drive Drainage Improvements. (Res. #2019-R-01)

3.       Consideration Of A Resolution Approving A Proposal From ESI, Ltd. In The Amount Not To Exceed $59,000 For The Architectural Services Re: Design Of The Replacement Wooden Cover For Robert Parker Coffin Road Bridge. (Res. #2019-R-02)

4.       Consideration Of A Resolution Approving A Proposal From OKEH Electric Company In The Amount Of $5,550 For Improvements To IL 83 Deep Wells #1 &#2 Electrical Panels. (Res. #2019-R-03)

5.       Consideration Of A Resolution Authorizing Village Work Within The State Of Illinois Right Of Ways.  (Res. 2019-R-04)

6.       Consideration Of An Ordinance Approving Amended Village Budgets FY 2018-19. (Ord. 2019-O-03)

7.       Village President Jacob – Administration & Legislation.

A.     Report Of The Presidents’ Homeowner Association (HOA) Meeting – February 11, 2019.

B.      Adoption of the 2018 Des Plaines River Watershed-Based Plan – Discussion.

C.     Village Board Meeting Procedures – Continued Discussion.

8.       Village Trustee Borawski – Security & Sustainability.

9.       Village Trustee Kritzmire – Finance & Communications.

A.     Treasurer’s Report For January 31, 2019.

B.      2019/20 Draft Village Budgets. 1st Board Review.  Public Hearing – March 26, 2019 Village Board Meeting.

C.     Village Auditor Request For Proposals – Update.

10.   Village Trustee Nora – Building, Water & Sewer.

A.     Monthly Building Department Report – January 2019.

B.      Building Department Plan Review & Inspectional Services – Update.

C.     Historic Downtown Businesses Connection To Old McHenry Road Public Water – Update.

D.     Historic Downtown Code Inspections – Update

E.      Long Grove Park District Request For Waiver Of Building Permit Fees – Reed-Turner Woodland

11.   Village Trustee O’Connor – Roads, Bridges & Pathways.

Ø  LCDOT Old McHenry Road & Village RPC Road Reconstruction & Village Streetscape – Update.

12.   Village Trustee O’Reilly – Economic Development & Environmental Concerns.

Ø  Long Grove Park District –Request For Funding Teasel Program – $10,000 Community Building Grant.

13.   Village Trustee Sarlitto – Planning & Zoning.

Ø  Report Of The Economic Development Commission Meeting – February 12, 2019.

14.   Village Clerk Gayton.

15.   Village Manager Lothspeich.

16.   Village Planner Hogue.

17.   Village Engineer Perry.

18.   Village Attorney Filippini.

19.   Approval Of Board Meeting Minutes:  December 11, 2018; January 8, 2019 & January 22, 2019.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Executive Session Meeting Minutes – December 11, 2018 & Pending Litigation.


ADJOURNMENT.  Next Regular Village Board Meetings:  February 26, 2019 & March 12, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.


february 12 - 2019 7:00pm


Long Grove Village Hall

3110 Old McHenry Road

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