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december, 2018

2018tue11dec7:00 pmBoard of Trustees Meeting 12-11-20187:00 pm Event Type :Board of Trustees,Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Additional Documents

00 – Visitors Business – Homeowner Association Invitations
00 – Visitors Business – Raffle License Wavier Of Fee & Bonding – Kildeer Elementary
01 – Report Of PCZBA Meeting December 4, 2018 – Agenda
01A – Report Of PCZBA Meeting December 4, 2018 – Village Code Amendments Re Impervious Surface
01B – Report Of PCZBA Meeting – SUP For Ground Mounted Solar Energy – 6362 Gilmer Road
01Bi – NC Clean Energy – Health & Safety Impacts Of Solar Photovoltaics (Electronic Board Packet Only)
02 – Ordinance Granting Final PUD & Plat Approval For Karens Corner Subdivision
03 – Resolution Approving Proposal From ESI For Phase II Engineering Re RPC Bridge
04 – Resolution Waiving Bidding & Awarding Proposal For Repairs To IL 83 Deep Well Pump #1 to Water Well Solutions
05 – Ordinance Amending Village Code Establishing Tree Trimming Standards
06 – Resolution Authorizing To Bind Coverage For Liability Insurance & Workers Comp
06i – Village of Long Grove 2018 Liability & Workers Comp Proposal
07 – Resolution Approving Proposal For Demolition Of 3133 Cuba Road
08 – Resolution Approving Amendments To General Fund Minimum Reserve Policy
09 – Resolution Authorizing Continued HRA Re Hight Deductible Health Insruance
09i – Village of Long Grove Medical Alternatives 2019
10 – Resolution Authorizing Continued HSA Re High Deductible Health Insurance
11A – President Jacob – Appointment Of PCZBA Chair Helen Wilson
11B – President Jacob – Appointment Of EDC Member – Roger Goble
13A – Trustee Kritzmire – Treasurers Report For November 30, 2018
14A – Trustee Nora – Monthly Building Department Report – November 2018
14B – Trustee Nora – Chickamauga Drainage Improvements Grant Application $31K – Update
15A – Trustee OConnor – Statement Of Qualifications For Achitectural & Engineering Services Re RPC Bridge Cover For ESI
15B – Trustee OConnor – RPC Bridge Grant Application $250K – Update
15C – Trustee OConnor – RPC Road & Streetscape Improvements – Update
15D – Trustee OConnor – IL 53 & Old Hicks Improvements & Tree Removals
21 – Village Engineer Perry – Engineer’s Report

Event Details



TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2018 AT 7:00 P.M.


The Village Board will not proceed past 10:00 p.m. unless there is a consensus of the majority of the Village Trustees in attendance to do so.  Those wishing to address the Village Board on an agenda item(s) may do so when the agenda item of interest is opened and prior to Board discussion.

CALL TO ORDER:        Pledge Of Allegiance.


Homeowner Associations: Deerwood Estates – Bob Morrison; Woodbine – Craig Smith and Promontory Pointe – Morry Glicksman

Raffle License Waiver Of $25 Fee & Bonding: Kildeer Elementary: Three days 2019.

Lake County Sheriff’s & Fire District’s Reports.


1.       Report Of The Plan Commission & Zoning Board Of Appeals (PCZBA) Meeting – December 4, 2018:

A.     Amendment To The Village Code For The Village Of Long Grove, Title 5, Zoning Regulations, Relating To The Definition Of “Impervious Surface” And Impervious Surface Regulations, Which May Include, But Are Not Limited To, Such Amendments As May Be Deemed Appropriate In Order To Accurately Reflect Longstanding Practices, Interpretation, And Application Of Such Term Modify The Impervious Surface Regulations Applicable To Smaller Residential Lots.

B.      Special Use Permit For A Ground-Mounted Solar Energy System Within The R-2 Zoning District For The Woodlawn School, 6362 Gilmer Road, Submitted By Mr. Jon Hitcho On Behalf Of KCSD 96.

2.       Consideration Of An Ordinance Granting Final PUD Plan/Plat Approval For Property Commonly Known As “Karen’s Corner” Development, Demar. (Ord. #2018-O-37)

3.       Consideration Of A Resolution Approving A Proposal From ESI, Ltd. In The Amount Of $41,500 For The Phase II Engineering For Proposed Rehabilitation Of Robert Parker Coffin Road Bridge.  (Res. #2018-R-42)

4.       Consideration Of A Resolution Waiving Competitive Bidding And Awarding A Proposal From Water Well Solutions, Inc. In The Amount Of $82,536 For The Repair Of The IL 83 Deep Well Pump #1. (Res. #2018-R-43)

5.       Consideration Of An Ordinance Amending The Village Code Establishing Tree Trimming Standards Re: Com Ed & Other Utilities. (Res. #2017-R-44)  Establishing guidelines for how and when Oaks and other native & protected trees are trimmed in order to reduce the spread of disease.

6.       Consideration Of A Resolution Authorizing The Execution Of A Client Authorization To Bind Coverage As Proposed By Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. For Liability Insurance.  (Ord. #2018-O-38)

7.       Consideration Of A Resolution Approving A Proposal From Kloepfer Construction, Inc. In The Amount Of $15,000 For Demolition Of The Existing Single-Family Residence Located At 3133 Cuba Road. (Res. #2018-R-46)

8.       Consideration Of A Resolution Approving Amendments To The Village Minimum Reserve Policy. (Res. #2018-R-47)

9.       Consideration Of A Resolution Approving And Authorizing The Continued Health Reimbursement Account Re: High Deductible Health Insurance Plan For (3) Full-time Employees. (Res. #2018-R-48)

10.   Consideration Of A Resolution Approving And Authorizing The Continued Health Savings Account Re: High Deductible Health Insurance Plan For (3) Full-time Employees. (Res. #2018-R-49)

11.   Village President Jacob – Administration & Legislation.

A.     Appointment Of Plan Commission & Zoning Board Of Appeals Chair Effective 2nd Quarter 2019 – Helen Wilson.

B.      Appointment Of Member To The Long Grove Economic Development Commission – Roger Goble.

C.     Presidents’ Homeowner Association (HOA) Meeting – February 11, 2019.

12.   Village Trustee Borawski – Security & Sustainability.

13.   Village Trustee Kritzmire – Finance & Communications.

A.     Treasurer’s Report For November 30, 2018 As Reported On December 11, 2018.

B.      Actual & Budget Comparisons For The Period Ending November 30, 2018.

C.     2019/20 Draft Village Budgets.  Call For Budgets.  Public Hearing – March 12, 2019 Village Board Meeting.

14.   Village Trustee Nora – Building, Water & Sewer.

A.     Monthly Building Department Report – December 2018.

B.      Grant Application For Chickamauga Drainage Improvements – Update.

C.     Historic Downtown Long Grove Property Maintenance Inspections – Update.

D.     Historic Downtown Long Grove Old McHenry Road Public Water Connections – Update.

E.      Historic Downtown Long Grove Robert Parker Coffin Road Public Water Extension – Update.

15.   Village Trustee O’Connor – Roads, Bridges & Pathways.

A.     Consideration Of The Statement Of Qualifications From ESI, Ltd. For The Architectural & Engineering Services Re: Design Of The Replacement Wooden Cover For Robert Parker Coffin Road Bridge.

B.      Robert Parker Coffin Road Bridge Department Of Economic Opportunity $250K Grant Application – Update.

C.     Historic Downtown Long Grove Robert Parker Coffin Road & Streetscape Improvements – Update.

D.     IL Route 53 & Old Hicks Intersection Improvements & Tree Removals – Update.

16.   Village Trustee O’Reilly – Economic Development & Environmental Concerns.

17.   Village Trustee Sarlitto – Planning & Zoning.

Report Of The Economic Development Commission – December 11, 2018.

18.   Village Clerk Gayton.

19.   Village Manager Lothspeich.

20.   Village Planner Hogue.

21.   Village Engineer Perry.

22.   Village Attorney Filippini.

23.   Approval Of Board Meeting Minutes:  October 23, 2018 & November 27, 2018.

EXECUTIVE SESSION:  Litigation & Acquisition and Disposition of Property.


ADJOURNMENT.  Next Regular Village Board Meetings:  January 8, 2019 & January 22, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.


december 11 - 2018 7:00pm


Long Grove Village Hall

3110 Old McHenry Road

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