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december, 2019

2019tue10dec7:00 pmVillage Board of Trustees - December 10, 20197:00 pm Event Type :Board of Trustees

Meeting Agenda




TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2019 AT 7:00 P.M.


The Village Board will not proceed past 10:00 p.m. unless there is a consensus of the majority of the Village Trustees in attendance to do so.  Those wishing to address the Village Board on an agenda item(s) may do so when the agenda item of interest is opened and prior to Board discussion.

CALL TO ORDER:          Pledge Of Allegiance.

VISITORS’ BUSINESS:   Limited to maximum 3 minutes per person and maximum 10 minutes total.

Homeowner Associations: Deerwood Estates – Bob Morrison; Woodbine – Craig Smith.

Promontory Pointe – Morry Glicksman.

Lake County Sheriff’s & Fire District’s Report.


1.       Report Of The Conservancy Scenic Corridor Committee (CSCC) Meeting – December 4, 2019.

2.       Report Of The Economic Development Commission (EDC) Meeting – December 10, 2019.

3.       Continued Report Of The Plan Commission & Zoning Board Of Appeals Meeting – September 3, 2019: PCZBA Following Commissioner Chair Wilson.

Ø  Amendments To The Village Code For The Village Of Long Grove, Title 5, Zoning Regulations Re: Alternative Energy Systems (AES) Regulations.

4.       Consideration Of An Ordinance Further Extending A Temporary Moratorium Until April 30, 2020 On Building Permit & Zoning Applications For Alternative Energy Installations. (Ord. #2019-O-29)

5.       Consideration Of An Ordinance Providing For The Issuance Of Not To Exceed $4,000,000 Of Tax Increment Revenue Refunding Bonds (Sunset Grove Project) Series 2020 Of The Village Of Long Grove, Illinois. (Ord. #2019-O-30) Approving The Parameters For The Refinancing Of The Existing Sunset Grove TIF Bonds.

6.       Consideration Of An Ordinance Amending The Village Of Long Grove Social Hosting Regulations.

(Ord. #2019-O-31)

7.       Consideration Of A Resolution Approving A Proposal From Gewalt Hamilton & Associates In An Amount Not To Exceed $17,200 For Phase II (Design) Engineering For Robert Parker Coffin Road Pathway From Archer Parking Lot To The East Side Of Illinois Route 83. (Res. #2019-R-48) IDNR 50/50 Grant Funding $105,748 Of $211,496 Estimated Project Cost, including engineering.

8.       Consideration Of A Resolution Approving An Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) Between The Village Of Long Grove And The Historic Downtown Long Grove Business Association (HDLGBA) Re: Downtown SSA. (Res. #2019-R-49)

9.       Village President Jacob – Administration & Legislation.

Ø  Appointment To Economic Development Commission – Mike Elliot.

10.   Village Trustee Borawski – Planning & Zoning, Security & Sustainability.

11.   Village Trustee Kritzmire – Finance.

A.     Treasurer’s Report For November 30, 2019 As Reported On December 10, 2019.

B.      Long Grove Sales Tax Reports – Update.

C.     DRAFT IL 83 & Downtown Long Grove TIF Projections – Update.

D.     2019/20 Draft Village Budgets.  Call For Budgets.  Public Hearing – March 11, 2020 Village Board Meeting.

12.   Village Trustee Michaud.

13.   Village Trustee Nora – Building, Water & Sewer.

Ø  Monthly Building Department Report – November 2019.

14.   Village Trustee O’Connor – Roads, Bridges & Pathways.

A.     Updated Draft Five (5) Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) – Discussion.

B.      Draft Proposal From GHA For Phase III (Construction) Engineering For N. Krueger Road – Update.

C.     Draft 2020-21 Road Maintenance/Paving Program – Discussion.

15.   Village Trustee O’Reilly – Economic Development, Environmental Concerns & Communications.

16.   Village Clerk Gayton.

17.   Village Manager Lothspeich.

18.   Village Planner Hogue.

19.   Village Engineer Perry.

20.   Village Attorney Filippini.

21.   Approval Of Board Meeting Minutes:  November 19, 2019 & November 26, 2019.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Pending And Threatened Litigation, Investments & Executive Session Meeting Minutes,


ADJOURNMENT.  Next Regular Village Board Meetings:  January 21, 2010 & February 11, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.


Event Details




december 10 - 2019 7:00pm


Long Grove Village Hall

3110 Old McHenry Road

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