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IL 53 & Old Hicks Intersection Improvements & Traffic Delays

Old Hicks & IL 53 Intersection Safety Improvements – Informational Meeting on Monday, April 22nd at 7:00 pm

The Village is hosting this informational meeting with IDOT for anyone interested in the on-going construction and improvements for the intersection of Old Hicks and IL Route 53 on April 22nd at 7:00 PM at the Long Grove Village Hall, 3110 Old McHenry Road.

As update to the summary provided by the Village in November of last year (provided below), the utilities (Com Ed, Nicor, AT&T, etc.) that are located within the State of Illinois Right Of Way (ROW) resumed relocation work on March 6th.  Although the Village remains in communication with IDOT on this project and IDOT committed to notify the Village prior to re-commencement of new work this year, the utilities did not notify IDOT and therefore the Village was not notified in advance of this new work.   At the Village’s request, IDOT requested that Nicor move their advance warning signage to the intersections of IL 53/IL 83 and IL 53/Lake-Cook so that motorists are provided notice before proceeding on IL 53 and are stuck in traffic backups with limited areas to turn-around, etc.

IDOT confirmed that the current utility relocations and the future roadway work is located within the State-owned Right Of Way (ROW) property and not on adjoining resident’s properties.  The utility relocation work will continue for the next couple of weeks and then IDOT will begin their roadway intersection improvements.  Despite the Village’s efforts to save as many trees as possible that are located within the State’s ROW, IDOT was unable to modify their plans to avoid these removals and additional tree removals will take place once IDOT’s contractor begins their work.  The Village has continue to work with IDOT on replanting trees and bushes above and beyond what they are required to provide in an effort to replace some of this important screening for the immediate residents and to improve the aesthetics of the roadway once the road improvements are completed.  Lane closures are not permitted during Peak Hours 6:00-8:30 AM and 4:30-6:00 PM.  This work is expected to continue throughout the construction season and residents are encouraged to consider using Lake-Cook and Arlington Heights Road to by-pass the traffic backups due to this work.

To view the construction plans, please click on the following: IL Route 53 Old Hicks Intersection Improvements Construction Drawings 03152018 (Partial)

IDOT Project Manager Jonathan Shumacher is available at 847-705-4260 or to answer questions.

November 20, 2018 Long Grove Village E-News

The State of Illinois (IDOT) is making important safety improvements at the intersection of IL Route 53 and Old Hicks.  The project will add center turn lanes for westbound IL 53 traffic to Old Hicks and eastbound IL 53 traffic to Middlesax Drive.  These IL Route 53 improvement will widen the existing road by one (1) additional lane width (14’) from Old Hicks to several hundred feet to the east of Middlesax Drive.  The overhead electric and telephone and underground natural gas utilities were moved back to the outer limits of the IL 53 right of way this Fall.  This work necessitated the removal of scrub understory plants and some trees.  In order to install new storm sewer and ditches, the current engineering plans call for the complete removal of all the trees within the IL 53 ROW (the new overhead utility poles are installed at the outside limits of the ROW).  In an effort to save as many trees as possible (with focus on the mature native hardwood trees such as Oaks, Walnut, etc.) the Village is working with IDOT to review possible design changes to their plans and will have an understanding by the end of this year whether any of these trees can be saved.  The project is scheduled for

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