Village of Long Grove Illinois


Downtown Long Grove Improvements

Last year the Village of Long Grove extended public water throughout the limits of Downtown Long Grove along Old McHenry Road.  Lake County is scheduled to be finished with the intersection, roadway, sidewalks and streetscape (lighting, benches, bike racks, landscaping etc) by the end of August which will finalize all the improvements to Old McHenry Road.  The Village recently began installing the extension of public water along the length of Robert Parker Coffin Road (RPC) and will be adding matching streetscape improvements along RPC Road.  The completion of this work requires the full-closure of West RPC and partial closure of East RPC.  Please (click here) for the project notice for further details.  While West RPC is closed the Village is also reconstructing the RPC bridge abutments and replacing the wooden cover.  All stores will remain open  and accessible during construction.  Please visit the following project website for additional project details and sign-up on this website to receive regular updates.
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