Village of Long Grove Illinois


Taxes & Fees

Property Taxes

The Village of Long Grove does not impose a municipal property tax.  To view an example property tax bill with the breakout of the various tax rates for the other taxing bodies please click here.

Sales Taxes

The Village of Long Grove collects a 1% sales tax village-wide with the following additional sales taxes limited by the type of item purchased and the location of the purchase:

  • Municipal Sales Tax = 1%.  The State of Illinois charges 7.0% sales tax and distributes 1.0% of this tax back to Long Grove.
  • Non-home Rule (Infrastructure) Sales Tax = 1%.  The Village of Long Grove charges an additional 1.0% non-home rule sale tax that excludes food and drug purchases.
  • Business District Sales Tax = 1%.  Limited non-food/drug purchases and limited to the development located at the southeast corner of Aptakisic Road and IL Route 83.

Other Taxes.
Telecommunications Tax – 5.75%.

Fee Schedule
Please click here for a link to the fee schedule in the Village Code.

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